Why Us

Discovers the hidden talent to expose “ At golden future public school we provide an educational experience in dynamic learning equipment we recognize the unique individual talents at each child and follow instructional approaches that suite different abilities GFPS promises to deliver quality education through innovative and multi faced technique which allow children to understand and imbibe lesion completely and apply this learning to real life situation. We believe in the philosophy that each individual is born with uniqueness of his own.
We try to make him aware of this intrinsic uniqueness and Endeavor to instill a sense of safe competence and self belief in his own ideas with conviction without fear of future to lead successful life to his full potential.

Our mission

It is our mission to crate an environment which promotes awareness and development of the self, So that, individually and collaboratively, all the students learn to make a positive contribution to society.

Our vision

It is our vision to crate a school where children realizes their potential to be useful, production and socially responsible member in a global society.

Our values

Leadership with human touch at various levels integrity, transparency and openers in our actions, innovation and pursuit of excellence in career education address the needs of the students through career oriented initiatives, strive to continuously improve our processes and quality of deliverable.